There are two types of major furnaces. Multi-speed and Variable Speed. We’ll help you understand what they are, and how they work.

Multi-Speed 2 Stage Furnace

A traditional single stage furnace operates in either “on” or “off” mode.  When the furnace turns on, it turns on to 100% of its capacity.  Like turning on the water faucet all the way even if you need just a small stream of water. It’s not very efficient.

A multi-stage furnace has two different settings.  Low heat or 1st stage is the starting point of the heater. It’s set to use about 50% of its normal capacity.  It operates on the 1st stage most of the time. Saving money on electric and gas.  If more heat is needed, (like during cold spells) to heat the house up faster, then the furnace will turn on the higher setting in order to provide additional heating all while saving power and being energy efficiency.

Variable Speed Furnace

A variable speed furnace is another type of energy efficient heater. The term “variable speed” refers to the blower motor in the furnace. This technology allows the blower to adjust its output speed based on the heating demands of your home.  Like the 2 stage furnace above,  this furnace allows the fan motor to start off slowly and increases output gradually as needed. The furnace generally creates less noise and can operate at the need and capacity the required heating demands.

It uses less electricity than other types of motors.  Rather than operating in an “on/off” fashion like older furnaces or on a “high/low” setting like a multi-stage, a variable speed furnace provides precise air flow and heat based on exactly how much heat your home needs. Fuel and electrical efficiency, heating consistency, noise reduction, and cleaner air are all benefits of this type of furnace.

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