Maintenance & Service

Maintenance Service Agreement

A Maintenance Service Agreement is one of the most cost-effective ways to ensure a safer, healthier system with increased comfort, efficiency & reliability.

Diagnostic Service Call:

You will experience better reliability and comfort with a FisherAir Maintenance Service Agreement. If your system should experience an unexpected failure, during normal business hours we will come to your home and diagnose the problem system at no charge.

20% Discount on Repairs:

If your system ever needs a repair, you will save 20% off the listed retail amount. You never pay full price.

Front of the Line Priority Service Guarantee:

With a maintenance agreement, you will always receive priority service and that is nice especially in the middle of the winter cold or the summer heat when demand is high.

Extended Warranty on Repairs:

Maintenance agreement customers receive better protection and peace of mind with a “FisherAir 5-year parts and labor repair warranty” at no additional charge on most repairs instead of the industry standard of one year.

Peace of Mind:

If you ever need service, no need to panic! The FisherAir Team is just a phone call away.

Our Maintenance Service Checklist

Safety and Tune-up Inspection Cooling-Heating Services
(As applicable/accessible)

Filtration System

✓ Replace or clean air filter-date

✓ Check for air leakage/bypass

✓ Inspect registers

Indoor Fan Assembly

✓ Lubricate motors if applicable/accessible

✓ Check blower assembly for proper operations‐ (excessive vibration, debris)

A/C System Performance

✓ Check thermostat operation/display (check batteries)

✓ Perform System static pressure/airflow test

✓ Check the operating temperature (18‐21 degree target)

✓ Verify refrigerant pressures (Check superheat/sub cooling) if required

✓ Visually check for indication of refrigerant leaks

✓ Inspect condenser coil. Rinse with water

✓ Test System overall performance
( BTU Delivered)

✓ Confirm all panels are secure


Electrical & Controls

✓ Check safety disconnect and fuses‐temperatures and voltage

✓ Check electrical wiring, controls & insulation. Tighten as needed

✓ Inspect contactors & relays

✓ Check and test system safety controls

Compressor & Motors

✓ Check for excessive vibration

✓ Test motor starters for proper tolerances

✓ Check voltage and amperage on compressor, outdoor motor

✓ Check condition of outdoor fan blades: vibration/balance/cleanliness

✓ Test motor starters 

Condensation Drain Assembly

✓ Check condensate drain pan for debris (annually)

✓ Check condensate trap‐clear flush with water

Heating System Performance

✓ Inspect complete furnace/heating cycle for proper operation

✓ Inspect blower assembly

✓ Measure Heat Exchanger Temperature Rise

✓ Inspect & test ignition, burners, controls,

✓ Test flue draft, and safeties

✓ Access Door safety access switch

✓ Perform Gas Combustion Safety Test

✓ Test/ Cycle Reversing Valve (heat pump systems only)

✓ Test Defrost Circuit.
(heat pump only)

✓ Confirm access panels are secure

Discounted After Hours/Emergency Service Call:

Should unexpected emergency service be needed, you’ll receive a discount on the after hours emergency service charge.

Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance Service & Safety Inspection:

Every year we perform an annual inspection to test the operations and components of the heating and air conditioning system as recommended by all HVAC Manufactures for safe operation, health, comfort and efficiency.

Cleaner-Healthier Indoor Air:

Regular maintenance means a cleaner healthier system. This not only helps keep your system and air ducts system cleaner, it also helps to provide healthier indoor air for you and your family to breathe.

Maximum Energy Efficiency and Reliability:

All manufacturers recommend and industry experts agree, that a system properly maintained will operate safer, healthier, achieve better comfort, and have greater efficiency, reliability and economical life expectancy.

Protects Your Investment And System Warranties, Meets Manufacturers Maintenance Recommendations:

Proper annual maintenance not only maintains safety, health, comfort and efficiency, it also protects warranties and meets manufacturers equipment care guidelines that help avoid possible premature failures caused by improper care.

Multiple System Discount:

Two or more systems? You will save an additional 10% off the agreement amount for each additional system at the same address.

30-Day Repair & Replace It Protection:

When we make a repair and you decide later to replace it, you will receive a credit of that repair up to $200 towards a FisherAir replacement system of your choice.

New Equipment, Air Duct System & Indoor Air Quality Products Discount:

When the time comes to replace your home’s comfort system you will save 5% just for being part of the FisherAir Maintenance Agreement Family!


The agreement is usually transferable to your new home within our service area.

See Terms and Conditions for more details.

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