Our Maintenance Service Checklist

Safety and Tune-up Inspection Cooling-Heating Services
(As applicable/accessible)

Filtration System

✓ Replace or clean air filter-date

✓ Check for air leakage/bypass

✓ Inspect registers

Indoor Fan Assembly

✓ Lubricate motors if applicable/accessible

✓ Check blower assembly for proper operations‐ (excessive vibration, debris)

A/C System Performance

✓ Check thermostat operation/display (check batteries)

✓ Perform System static pressure/airflow test

✓ Check the operating temperature (18‐21 degree target)

✓ Verify refrigerant pressures (Check superheat/sub cooling) if required

✓ Visually check for indication of refrigerant leaks

✓ Inspect condenser coil. Rinse with water

✓ Test System overall performance
( BTU Delivered)

✓ Confirm all panels are secure


Electrical & Controls

✓ Check safety disconnect and fuses‐temperatures and voltage

✓ Check electrical wiring, controls & insulation. Tighten as needed

✓ Inspect contactors & relays

✓ Check and test system safety controls

Compressor & Motors

✓ Check for excessive vibration

✓ Test motor starters for proper tolerances

✓ Check voltage and amperage on compressor, outdoor motor

✓ Check condition of outdoor fan blades: vibration/balance/cleanliness

✓ Test motor starters 

Condensation Drain Assembly

✓ Check condensate drain pan for debris (annually)

✓ Check condensate trap‐clear flush with water

Heating System Performance

✓ Inspect complete furnace/heating cycle for proper operation

✓ Inspect blower assembly

✓ Measure Heat Exchanger Temperature Rise

✓ Inspect & test ignition, burners, controls,

✓ Test flue draft, and safeties

✓ Access Door safety access switch

✓ Perform Gas Combustion Safety Test

✓ Test/ Cycle Reversing Valve (heat pump systems only)

✓ Test Defrost Circuit.
(heat pump only)

✓ Confirm access panels are secure