Indoor Air Quality Check?

The Air Inside Your Home.

Have you ever heard that the indoor air quality inside your home is poorer than the air outside? According to the EPA the air inside your home can actually be 10 times worse than the air outside. This applies to everyone, but especially those who live in or near large cities.

Hospitals are known to have very high standards for indoor air quality. Their goal is to keep the air sterile as possible for patients. Achieving good indoor air quality is easier than you think. If you’ve ever had a conversation with an HVAC technician about indoor air quality, you might have heard him talk about an Ultraviolet light (UV Light.) It can be installed in an HVAC system.

Can UV Lights Really Help My Indoor Air Quality?

A UV light is installed in HVAC systems near the coil to kill mold and other types of bacterial growth that grow inside the HVAC system. The UV Light cleans the air by killing any spores, fungal particles, airborne illnesses, germs, viruses and other harmful things as they pass by the light.

How Do We Know They Work?

Two studies were performed to point out the effectiveness of UV light in killing mold and bacteria, one in hospitals and the other in a commercial HVAC system.

UV Lights are more important for those who reside in humid areas or areas prone to mold or for those who are at risk with severe health issues. A UV light is a unique and effective way to safely clean and purify the air within your home.

Please note that UV lights do not combat allergens such as pet dander, pollen or dust as this is the job of your air cleaner.

What Are Some of the Benefits of UV Lights?

Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Control mold and bacteria inside the HVAC system and your home.
  2. Combat colds, flu and other germs that spread inside your home.
  3. Refreshes the air and reduces bad odors (cooking, smoke, and other odors.)
  4. It can help prevent clogging in condensation drain lines.
  5. It will contribute to a cleaner coil and better cooling efficiency.

Using a high-efficiency air cleaner and UV light is the best way to enjoy the cleanest air possible.

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