Take Control of Your Allergies!

Allergies and You.

If you are someone who struggles with allergies or even if you live with people who do, you know how frustrating they can be to deal with on a daily basis. Thankfully for those who suffer from the constant runny nose or itchy throat, there is a way to combat these symptoms and it can all start with maintaining a good HVAC system.

What are allergies?

Allergic reactions are one of the most common chronic diseases. It’s caused by exposure to proteins that are normally present in secretions from an animal including animal skin cells, saliva or urine. The bodies immune system sees the substance as an invasion or harmful attack and overreacts to it. Even though it is harmless to most people.

What Steps Can I Take to Reduce My Allergies?

Helpful tips to reducing your allergies.

Allergens are carried into your home through the air and settle inside your home. It can settle in the carpet, on surfaces and brought in your home by your furry little friends. The air inside your home is mostly recycled and if you have pets, you know they share the same space you do and this can affect your AIR QUALITY.

The Solution: HVAC Maintenance.

  • High-quality furnace filters
    High-quality furnace filters are your first defense against poor indoor air quality. If you don’t have a high-efficiency air cleaner and use standard filters, you’ll want to find a filter with a MERV 8 rating or higher. These filters can trap microscopic particles in the air. This will help reduce indoor allergens. Filters should be replaced at least once a month.
  • Reduce pet dander.
    You can reduce animal dander by washing your pet once a week.
  • Dusting everything inside your home.
    You know that dust can build up easily inside the home. (Sometimes it feels like it never ends.) Tackling the tasks of cleaning can help ease allergies. Simple cleaning techniques such as
    • Vacuuming once or twice a week
    • Dusting furniture and surfaces
    • Washing your sheets weekly
    • Cleaning the clutter around your home (piles of clothes, boxes)
  • Having annual maintenance performed on your HVAC system.
    Annual Maintenance. Spring is a perfect time to have an HVAC maintenance performed on your system. Not only does regular preventative care for your HVAC system help keep the system running healthy and at factory standards. It’s a good opportunity to talk to your technician about options help reduce allergens inside the home.

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